About Us



Well, here’s the story behind the scenes. Back in 2010, Jonathan Anstey and Evan Morgan, two high-profile backcountry riders, were profiled in a North American Snowmobile calendar. The guys had to come up with a team name for the calendar project…collectively, they agreed upon Sledcore.

Over the next few years, both Evan and Jonathan became snowmobile industry writers/testers and their profiles as backcountry riders continued to grow. In the fall of 2012, Jonathan and Evan teamed up with Andrew Goldsworthy. Andrew was the driving force behind the development of Sledworthy Magazine, Atlantic Canada’s Snowmobile Magazine. Andrew’s industry experience, passion and business direction made the Sledcore team even stronger.

Three of the Sledcore partners will lead a series of Sledcore Riding Clinics this winter, helping riders take their skills to the next level in a fun, comfortable and safe setting.

SLEDCORE also has a vision to put Eastern Canadian snowmobiling on the map as a mecca for backcountry riding. Our goal is to bring our viewers up-to-date information on all the latest snowmobile industry related news, and everything from tech tips to gear reviews, riding conditions and updates. You can find it all here at SLEDCORE.COM.