Justin Janes


NAME: Justin Janes
DOB: August 16, 1986
Location: Fort McMurray, AB
Riding Experience: 25 years
Current Ride:  2014 Summit XM 163


Born and Raised in Deer Lake, located on the west coast of NL .  Currently, “working towards a dream,” in the oil sands of northern AB, but adamant about “living the simple life,”  in central British Columbia.  Engaged to be wed July of 2016.

Been riding since my thumb knew how the machine reacted, once you pressed the throttle,” I guess is the most accurate response!

I spent most of my childhood bagging around on my fathers touring machines, and wasn’t until 2008 that I purchased my first sled, a MXZ Renegade 800.  From there on its been exploring the vast mountain ranges of British Columbia, “and we haven’t even scratched the surface.”

The biggest challenge to that is getting to know the terrain your riding. As fun as it is to tour around full pin, its not home! This has  been the biggest contributing factor to the way I ride, and has allowed  me to better calculate risks, judge weather, and overall, just giving me true respect for backcountry riding, and the gnarly terrain!

Love to rip bikes, rally RZR’s, and partake in most anything HP related. Sledding, of course being at the top of the scale. The hobby that brings me the most tranquility  is  “goin for a flick”, with my father along the ever so peaceful Humber River, that flows through the beautiful town of Deer Lake.


I’d say natural hits and booters on blue bird days would be up there along side of danglin’ steep slopes, and elevatoring between tukamor’s.  I like to scope fresh lines and decents, but also stohke on unseen obsticles. Love being challenged!  Weather change promotes style switch up to avoid uneccessary risk vs calculated risk.  I enjoy and respect all styles of riding.  A stellar day?  Blue Bird after a huge dump of fresh blower, fast swooping decents, poppin’ pow pillows and carving hard port to starboard through scattered tree lines with a solid posse. Toss some drops and hits in the mix, recipe for awesomness.


Sledcore, Full Lotus Recreational Decks, LipZipz Lip Balm, Spy Optics, Addictions, Cheetah Factory Racing, Detrimaental Concepts, All shredders pushing style and progression in the sport!


  • AST 1 Avalanche Skills Training Certified
  • Basic First Aid
  • 8 years riding BC’s Back Country
  • Aspiring to upgarde courses and training this season


HAHA, both hands down. What snow isn’t good snow?!  Nothing compares to fresh, deep, early to mid season pow.  Flip the script on that, longer, warmer days in spring time allow for better opportunity, to really shed light on those, “sniper hits”, landings.  I think any rider will agree, as long as your riding, its a top drawer day!


  • Snowpulse Highmark Pro Bag
  • Shovel, Probe & Beacon
  • First Aid Kit
  • 2 Saws, Shovel Handle & tunnel bag
  • Knives
  • Paracord
  • GPS
  • Extra Batteries
  • Flares
  • Bandana or hancherchief (can be used to seal cracked or smashed air box intakes)
  • Zip Ties
  • Tow Strap
  • Sockets for 3/8 drive, all sockets to pull Rear Skid & Front Suspension
  • Multi-bit Driver, including Torex Bit
  • Vise Grips and Cresent wrench
  • Waterproof Matches & a Lighter
  • Extra Balacalava & Bandana
  • 2 Extra Pairs of Gloves, Addittional Pair of Mechanics Gloves for Handling the Fire at Lunch
  • 2 Extra Pairs of Goggles & Replacement Lenses
  • Camera Gear
  • Extra Food, such as Home Made Trail Mix, Beef Jerky & a couple extra White Chocolate Macidamian Nut Clif Bars.